A brief description of the function of TomaVac 50

The coater has a capacity of 15 - 20 tph., with a well extruded feed product with a fat or oil adding of up to 25%.
The coater is a 3-chamber coater it means that the stages of the processing of the product is divided over the different chambers as follows.

1:-In the upper chamber the charge is registered, and exposed to vacuum.
2:-In the middle chamber the product, still exposed to vacuum, is supplied with fat or oil and possibly other liquids.
3:-In the lower chamber a slow pressure equalization to zero is realized, and a possible adding of liquid, which can be chosen added before or after the vacuum stage.

The chosen size of the charge (400 - 500 kg) is weighted in the netto weigher (the upper chamber) before it is exposed to vacuum, after which it is dumped into the coater chamber(the middle chamber), where the pre determined quantity of fat or oil is added through nozzles in the top of the chamber.
Hereafter other liquids such as vitamins, enzymes or medical components can be added. All addings occur during a continous mixing. After some time the mixer rotor is raised and the the outlet valve is opened, whereafter the mixer rotor is reversed for total emptying of the chamber.

The charge is dumped into the lower chamber, where a slow pressure equalization to normal pressure is realized. This happens during a continous mixing.

In the lower chamber there is, as an option, a possibility of adding one further liquid either during or after the vacuum stage. When the pressure is normalized, the mixer rotor raises and the outlet valve opens, whereafter the rotor will reverse to achieve a complete emptying of the chamber

The finished product can either be dumped directly into the pellets cooler, or into a bin having at least the capacity of one charge, and equipped with an emptying conveyor able to remove and dose the whole charge to the downstream conveyor system, before the following charge is released from the coater. To keep a constant flow in the line before the coater it is recommended also to have a prebin upstream

The standard control has a finger touch display with a live flowdiagram, and can Memorize 15 diffrent feed recepies.
All errors and malfunctions are displayed on the screen The Coater can be operated either manually or automatically from the control panel.

In manual position all components can be operated individually independent.

The coater can as an option be equipped with an integrated cleaning system, for internal washing and desinfection of the coater chambers.